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Boise/Southern Idaho News Releases for Fri. Feb. 24 - 10:29 am
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Oregon State Police's new "CAR CARE PROGRAM" (Photo)
Oregon State Police - 02/21/17 7:57 AM
OSP, Advanced Auto Parts and Car Quest Auto Parts Group Image
OSP, Advanced Auto Parts and Car Quest Auto Parts Group Image
In an effort to improve public safety and assist the communities we serve, the Oregon State Police (OSP) is proud to announce a partnership with Advance Auto Parts/Carquest Auto Parts on our new "Car Care Program."

OSP Troopers will be offering drivers stopped for a minor equipment violation a voucher that provides a discount on automotive parts purchased at any Advance Auto Parts or participating Carquest Auto Parts store.

According to OSP Superintendent Travis Hampton, "When an OSP Trooper stops a vehicle for an equipment violation, they understand some individuals defer maintenance on their automobile to pay for other necessities instead, such as groceries and rent. The Car Care Program allows us in a small way to assist individuals and families with improving the safety of their vehicle and our highways. Every OSP Trooper understands they can influence the trajectory of a person's life, which is why 'Compassion' is a core value of our agency."

"We're pleased to partner with the Oregon State Police on the 'Car Care Program,'" said Advance's chief marketing officer, Walter Scott. "Advance is passionate about serving our customers and communities and our team members are always ready with the parts and advice that customers' need to keep their vehicles running safely."

Starting February 21, 2017, the Oregon State Police will start distributing these vouchers statewide. In 2016, the Oregon State Police issued over 20,000 warnings/citations for equipment violations. Seventy-seven percent of these violations were due to ORS 816.330 - Operating without Required Lighting. Required lighting includes all external vehicle lighting such as blinkers, headlights, and tail lights. These violations directly affect the safety of all vehicles on our roadways.

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